Devon is another style featuring an arched glazing section. The big glass area allows you to be more creative with your glass designs and bigger, bolder patterns can be used for a head-turning look.


Triple sealed outer frame – Gives extreme protection from the elements. You can be sure you’re front door is up to the task of keeping your home warm and dry whatever the weather.

Any RAL colour – The style of your entrance is completely up to you. XtremeDoors can be sprayed in any colour; all you have to do is decide which one!


Five-point locking – Many composite doors have a three of four point lock. Xtremedoor has a five point lock, providing greater protection against potential intruders.

Secured by Design – XtremeDoors can be upgraded to Secured by Design accreditation. Have peace of mind knowing your door is built to be incredibly secure.


Decorative and obscure glass – A wide range of patterns and designs maintain privacy in your home, creating a decorative flair that fits in with your personal taste.

Inox glazing – Inox glazed doors add a touch of European charm to any home. Complement modern, abstract patterns framed in stainless steel with subtle, minimalist colours.