A close up of the XtremeDoor lockNothing is more important than the security of your home and our composite doors ensure your safety is never compromised. Keep intruders at bay with security features such as a five point locking system and an anti-snap, bump and drill cylinder designed to withstand the three main attack methods during a burglary.

Secured by Design*

Secured by Design is a police initiative put in place to reduce burglary and crime in the UK by designing out crime through physical security and processes.

XtremeDoor achieves this accreditation and by having one installed in your property you’re not only doing your bit to help stamp out crime in your area, you’re making your home a safer place to live too. Make the upgrade today and have complete confidence your home is secure.

XtremeDoor tested by the PoliceTested by the Police

As part of XtremeDoor’s security testing we teamed up with the Police to ensure our composite doors could hold their own when confronted with a potential intruder.

During testing even the police’s finest had trouble gaining entry to it using an Enforcer! But it goes to show how secure an XtremeDoor really is. Gaining entry is both noisy and requires specialist tools so rest assured your home is safe.


*Upgrade available – ask for details