What’s the difference between a uPVC and a composite door?

uPVC doors are made solely from a plastic material called Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Composite doors, by contrast, are manufactured from a combination of plastic, metal and timber, fused together under high pressure conditions to combine the best elements of each material. They also have insulating cores to minimise the rate of thermal transmittance through the door. Composite doors are superior to uPVC doors in every aspect.

What are the advantages of a composite door?

• Exceptional thermal performance
• Increased kerb appeal and property value
• Fully customisable with a range of colours, finishes and accessories available
• Incredible strength and durability, keeping your home safe from any potential intruders

With its strong, insulating core, a composite door is a one of a kind product that cannot be replicated by any other door material.

Can I replace an old door with a composite?

Yes. Any front or back door can be replaced with a brand new composite door. It’s never too late to upgrade your old timber or uPVC door to one with exceptional design, security and thermal efficiency. No matter what type of house you live in, a composite door can be custom made to fit your exact style and specifications.

What is the difference between a composite door and an XtremeDoor?

Your average composite door is manufactured with a timber insulating core to improve durability and energy efficiency. An XtremeDoor composite door takes this one step further with a high-performance, state-of-the-art 44.5mm foam core. This, combined with its uPVC edgebanding, gives the door access to the highest standards of energy efficiency. Its ability to retain heat and prevent draughts is truly outstanding.

Can I have a composite door in a conservation area?

Conservation areas are areas of cultural or historical significance that the government has deemed worthy of preserving. Some of these areas have stricter planning permission rules around the style of doors people can install. Often, they must resemble authentic timber aesthetics to fit in with their rural surroundings. Luckily, all our composite doors can be manufactured with incredible woodgrain-effect finishes that look just like real wood.
It's all the traditional style of wood, with modern standards of security and energy-efficiency.