Standard lever handle lock

High quality handles

We have a selection of handle options for the operation of your XtremeDoor. The traditional lever handle option comes in a choice of six finishes: Chrome, Gold, Brushed Silver, Black, White and Antique hammered Black. This handle option is used with our high security 5-hook lock mechanism. The lock has two hooks, one at the top and one at the bottom, that act like a pincer to pull the door in tight and a central hook below the latch. The handles can be Lever/Lever function that require you to use the key to open and lock the door or you can have the Lever/Off-set spindle where the door will always close on the the latch when shut locking anyone out of the property behind you.

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Long bar option

There is also the option of having a contemporary off-set long bar handle, perfect for more modern door designs. The handles are finished in a stylish Brushed Silver effect. They are manufactured in 316 Marine Grade stainless steel to ensure the ultimate durability, even in the most extreme environments.

The long bar option is used with an auto shut lock. This lock has 3 locking points that shoot out and lock the door when closed. A thumb turn is used on the inside and your installer will be able to instruct on its operation. Alternatively, when you want to replicate a traditional timber door look, we have the cylinder pull only option and is available in Brushed Silver, Chrome, or Gold.

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Anthracite grey door
Close up of a black door

Automatic locking option

There is also an electric lock option which can be wired into existing or new intercom systems. The XtremeDoor can be used with the industry’s best automatic lock, the AV2e. This option means the hooks are retracted remotely and automatically engage again when the door closes. This lock is perfect for commercial use in flats and multi occupancy properties. It can also be used in sheltered housing, special needs, and disability housing where security is paramount.

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