Rain on glossy black door front

No swelling doors during winter

If you have an old wooden door you’ll know it can become stuck, especially during the winter or when it’s been raining heavily. This is due to moisture getting into the door causing it to swell and get stuck. It can also lead to rotting if left unchecked and can be costly to replace.

Thanks to a water proof skin and triple sealed uPVC outer frame your XtremeDoor will never swell or stick as no moisture is able to get into it.

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No cracking, peeling or fading

Painted timber doors and some foiled uPVC front doors are susceptible to cracking under heat. Sunlight can fade colours, crack coloured and woodgrain foils, peel paint and even warp the door itself.

XtremeDoor skins are made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and won’t fade, crack or warp, so your door will carry on functioning perfectly whatever the weather.

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Dark black door on hilltop