Xtreme door vs solid timber core

Stay warm in the winter

Looking to decrease your energy bills? Upgrading your front door to something more thermally efficient is an easy way to make your home warmer and help cut down on your energy consumption. XtremeDoors are better at insulating than timber doors – six times better than timber, in fact – so you can relax in a warmer, more comfortable environment, while also saving money.

In these thermal images, the red, yellow and green areas show high levels of heat escaping from a traditional door, while by contrast, the dark blue areas on the XtremeDoor indicate excellent insulating qualities.

Use less energy, spend less money, and still enjoy a warm home by replacing your front door with an XtremeDoor. A combination of a high insulating foam core and PVCu edgebanding makes XtremeDoor incredibly thermally efficient, keeping your home warmer when it’s colder.

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Save money on your energy bills

A draughty front door leaks heat and lets cold enter your home. Having the heating on only for it to escape through your door is wasting energy and costing you money, and you don't need that extra and unnecessary expense.

XtremeDoor stops draughts, keeping the heat in and saving you money on your energy bills.

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