Vista’s head social media co-ordinator Lauren Barnes investigates why the demand for grey front doors remains at its highest for the second year running.

Reflecting on last year’s door colour data, modern grey front doors still top the polls at Vista, with a third of our sales seeking on-trend shades of grey to revamp their homes.

Most popular shades of grey for a new front door in 2020?

Available in 3 shades of grey, in order of popularity, Vista’s top three desirable door colours were Anthracite grey, Slate grey and Moondust grey. Covering around 9% of our trade door sales, its closest colour rival was Chartwell Green.

What makes grey windows and doors stand out?

With such an assortment of doors colours available these days, at first glance, it seems strange that grey is so well-received. But when you realise how versatile and balancing grey is, everything begins to click into place. In the midst of a home improvement revolution, matching new doors with existing windows and internal home fittings like carpets, curtains and walls is a particularly fashionable request – especially united with the nation’s favourite aluminium grey bifold doors. And if you think grey is dull and depressing, then think again! Paired with blue, white, or other shades of grey, grey actually has a very soothing psychological effect on the mind and body. Living in pandemic Britain, it’s even less surprising that more and more people desire a reassuring door colour such as this.

Grey is “the new white”

Grey tones work well in both classic and contemporary settings. Softening shades of grey like Moondust grey, Agate Grey and Pebble grey are best suited to timeless heritage homes. Whilst striking darker greys are used to enhance more minimalist, modern building styles, e.g. Black grey, Anthracite grey and Slate grey. A favourite alternative to conventional white, grey front doors are favoured for their neutral yet statement-making presence that no other colour seems to be able to live up to – for now.

Often used as a contrasting accent, I think the most crucial aspect as to why grey is here to stay is how it refuses to draw the eye away from a property’s unique features. Seamlessly bringing everything together, it is subtle yet compelling no matter where it’s added. So, whether it’s a red brick new build or light-tinted render, understated yet sophisticated grey doors and windows will always blend rather than taking centre stage.

Grey composite doors & grey uPVC trade door specialists

Specialising in composite and uPVC panels and doors, Vista has recently strengthened its hold on the composite door market by adding five new door styles to its exclusive XtremeDoor range.

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